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Links relevant to activities of Company:

Home Page: Monship Maritime Ltd. - Website:
The Society of Consulting Marine Engineers and Ship Surveyors, London, UK
Website: E-mail:

Capt. Paul Owen

NE P&I Association Ltd., Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Website: E-mail:
Mrs. Mari Watson
URS - Underwriting Risk Services LTD, UK
Website: E-mail:
Mr.Adrian Lansdowne and/or Mr. Damien Murtagh
International Maritime and Shipping Security Organization, London, UK
Website: E-mail:
The West of England Shipowners Insurance Services, London, UK
Website: E-mail:
Mr. Mark Williams
Steamship Insurance Management Services Ltd.
Website:  E-mail:
Mr. Mark A. Underhill
Britannia Steam Ship Insurance Association Ltd.                                                     Management: Tindall Riley (Britannia) Limited, London, UK
Website: E-mail:
Mr. Tim Fuller
The Government of Montenegro – Maritime Safety Department
Website: E-mail
University of Montenegro – Maritime Faculty, MTC Kotor
Website: www.   E-mail:
Prof.Dr. M. Raskovic,     Prof.Dr. Spiro Ivosevic, or    Capt. I. Stanovcic, Dipl. Ing.
NARVAL d.o.o., Rijeka, Croatia
Website:   E-mail:
OMC Yacht Club “Jadran” & Marina “St. Nicola”, Port of Bar, Montenegro
Website:  E-mail:
Invar-Ivasevic Ltd., Radovici, Tivat, Crna Gora (Montenegro)
Website: E-mail:
Mr. Vasko Ivosevic, Director; Mr. Spiro Ivosevic, Dr.Sc.M.E.
Navar, Bonici bb, 85320 Tivat, Crna Gora (Montenegro)
Website: E-mail:
Sajt za pomorce i nuticare
Website: E-mail: